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12 June 2004
As you might have noticed, since about 6 weeks, there hasn't been a single virus in your SummerRain mailbox.
Thanks to my employer (who's hosting this site), all our mail is checked for virusses.
Ofcourse, it's always possible that something might slip through, so don't slack on security.

I've tightened the filters on e-mail accounts even more.
All attachments with an extention ending with: .scr .pif .vbs .exe .com .bat will be bounced.

Info about our personnel can be found here

If you're an op already, you might want a cool e-mail address.
In that case, e-mail me or ^Hyena^.
See here who already has a cool address (8 people now)

Guess what's new? A Guestbook! You can leave a note if you like.

And another update; a java based chat applet.

Ops page was broken, fixed it again. Want you pic there? Drop me an e-mail

Oh, and if you think your creative skills are better than mine (pretty big chance)
you can e-mail me about your ideas.