Caroline Meijer

From the moment I could hold a pencil I've loved drawing.  I have taken guidance and inspiration from my father, as he was a keen artist, but chose to not pursue art as a career.  As a child I was often in trouble for sitting at the back of the classroom, not talking or disturbing the class, but drawing the teacher and other students!  I grew up in the western suburbs of Melbourne, amongst family and friends of many different cultures, this difference never coming inbetween us, we shared ourselves and learned from each other.

In my 20's, I studied the fundamentals of Life drawing and Portriature.  I then went on to travel and have a family.  In 2003, after my youngest child started school, I continued my formal studies in Visual Arts.  It is here that I gained inspiration,  knowledge and skills to persue my dream of becoming an Artist.  This also being the first time I moved away from 'just' drawing and into other mediums.  Although continuing to love the human form primarily, I began to explore other subjects.

Over the last decade I've had the ultimate pleasure of traveling both locally and overseas, viewing some of the greatest art works of our time.  I have had the pleasure of spending hours wandering the halls of the Van Gogh museum in Holland, the majestic Louvre in Paris, and Melbourne's own Federation Square with it's own unique splendour.  Also other smaller establishments in both metropolitan and regional areas revealling some wonderful artists.

Many great artists have influenced the way I view art.  I  find inspiration from current artists such as James Gleeson, his work awe inspiring in it's unique expression.  The tortured earth, figures in dream like motion, floating and trapped.  His compositions are to me true genius.  Godwin Bradbeer's study of the human form is breathtakingly beautiful.  I particularly admire his use of colour to create soft alluring moods to his work.  Artists of the past have also influenced my work, such as Freda Kahlo (1907-1954).  Kahlo's self portriates depicting the agony of her broken body.  I've searched for ways to share the very personal experiences of life, still maintaining self respect and love.  All of these artists have a truth about their work, one I wish to aspire to, also in my own work.